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It's time for some new heroes!

Are you ready for a royal adventure?

Don & Carl

The Demon's Dagger

Brace yourself! Work on Don & Carl is in full swing.


    • Script99%
    • Artwork35%


London in the 80s: Don and Carl are not doing so well. Both are unemployed and no new jobs are in sight. So what else is there to do, than smoking joints and drinking beer on the couch to pass the time?
Fortunately, Carl's dream woman Jillian hires the two for the new tour of the rock band “KING”. The tour start leads the band around front man Teddy Jupiter into the communist USSR.
Once arrived, it does not take long for Don and Carl to get involved in a mysterious murder. Little did they know, that they are caught in the crossfire of two ancient secret societies that threaten the fate of all of humanity.

Be there when Don & Carl stub their joints and throw away their beer cans to save your ass!

What can you expect?



A lot of fun, embarrassment, bad jokes, frivolous drug use and gore! Completely colored!


How did Don & Carl come about? Look behind the curtain, see a lot of the making-of-stuff and find out how to manage this as a one-man show.

Who the fuck…?

I'm actually a graphic designer. Originally, I even sold insurance to people. So what does a guy like me have to do with comics? In short, I just love them! Not every junk, just the good old comics – ok, some of the new ones too. I'm sure you know what I mean. What else is there? Oh yes, I'm husband and father. I live in Bregenz, Austria at the Lake Constance. Exactly, between a lake and a mountain. Is there anything better? Since I was able to use a pencil quite well at a young age, I decided to get into business myself a good four years ago. So, shortly before the birth of my first daughter. Great timing! Anyway – after a lot of drafts, ideas and “this time but really” versions of various scripts, the time has come: Don & Carl - The Demon's Dagger is about to start. The only thing missing is the money to print a high-quality comic. Now that you've asked: I hope that I can count on your help with the realisation. Sign up for the newsletter and be the first to know when it starts!

Damn royal greetings from
Chris Feurstein

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